About our team

We believe that good performance management is critical for companies

We found that startup tech teams spend lots of hours on onboarding new comers, get their environments ready, review pull requests and ensuring they follow the coding standards; it’s not just about hiring. That’s where we found ourselves interested in filling these gaps. Your projects will be in good hands with a team of experienced recruiters, developers and project managers who don’t just connect you with outstanding talents but also with a lot of post-hiring support on different aspects.

We believe that top tech talents coupled with hands on support can achieve astonishing results

We are a tech outsourcing company that outsources top tech talents, that is scalable so that you can always get extra hours in times of extra work, while supporting those talents with on ground tech support to make sure that they are getting the best results.


We make sure that the talents reaching the final interview with you, are filtered and preselected to meet your needs.


Our working hours are scalable so you can save money on un-utilized hours, and also get more hours when you have tight time deliverables.

Talent support

Unlike other outsourcing companies, we provide on going support to your hired talents, to ensure their success.

Our Clients